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XMPP client library
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XMPP::Connection Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Connection ()
Connectionclone ()
void operator delete (void *p)
const char * getJID ()
void setJID (const char *const jid)
const char * getPass ()
void setPass (const char *const pass)
bool connectClient (const char *const domain, xmpp_conn_handler callback, void *const userdata)
void disconnect ()
void send (Stanza *stanza)
void addTimedHandler (xmpp_timed_handler handler, const unsigned long perdio, void *const userdata)
void deleteTimedHandler (xmpp_timed_handler handler)
void addHandler (xmpp_handler handler, const char *const ns, const char *const name, const char *const type, void *const userdata)
void deleteHandler (xmpp_handler handler)
void addIdHandler (xmpp_handler handler, const char *const id, void *const userdata)
void deleteIdHandler (xmpp_handler handler)

Static Public Member Functions

static Connectioncreate (Context *ctx)

Private Member Functions

void * operator new (size_t size, Context *ctx)
 Connection (Context *ctx)

Private Attributes

xmpp_conn_t * conn

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Connection()

XMPP::Connection::Connection ( Context ctx)

◆ ~Connection()

virtual XMPP::Connection::~Connection ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator new()

void* XMPP::Connection::operator new ( size_t  size,
Context ctx 

◆ create()

static Connection* XMPP::Connection::create ( Context ctx)

◆ clone()

Connection* XMPP::Connection::clone ( )

◆ operator delete()

void XMPP::Connection::operator delete ( void *  p)

◆ getJID()

const char* XMPP::Connection::getJID ( )

◆ setJID()

void XMPP::Connection::setJID ( const char *const  jid)

◆ getPass()

const char* XMPP::Connection::getPass ( )

◆ setPass()

void XMPP::Connection::setPass ( const char *const  pass)

◆ connectClient()

bool XMPP::Connection::connectClient ( const char *const  domain,
xmpp_conn_handler  callback,
void *const  userdata 

◆ disconnect()

void XMPP::Connection::disconnect ( )

◆ send()

void XMPP::Connection::send ( Stanza stanza)

◆ addTimedHandler()

void XMPP::Connection::addTimedHandler ( xmpp_timed_handler  handler,
const unsigned long  perdio,
void *const  userdata 

◆ deleteTimedHandler()

void XMPP::Connection::deleteTimedHandler ( xmpp_timed_handler  handler)

◆ addHandler()

void XMPP::Connection::addHandler ( xmpp_handler  handler,
const char *const  ns,
const char *const  name,
const char *const  type,
void *const  userdata 

◆ deleteHandler()

void XMPP::Connection::deleteHandler ( xmpp_handler  handler)

◆ addIdHandler()

void XMPP::Connection::addIdHandler ( xmpp_handler  handler,
const char *const  id,
void *const  userdata 

◆ deleteIdHandler()

void XMPP::Connection::deleteIdHandler ( xmpp_handler  handler)

Field Documentation

◆ m_ctx

Context* XMPP::Connection::m_ctx

◆ conn

xmpp_conn_t* XMPP::Connection::conn

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