Strophe 0.13
XMPP client library
Data Fields
parser_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

xmpp_ctx_t * ctx
XML_Parser expat
parser_start_callback startcb
parser_end_callback endcb
parser_stanza_callback stanzacb
void * userdata
int depth
xmpp_stanza_t * stanza
char * inner_text
int inner_text_size
int inner_text_used
xmlParserCtxtPtr xmlctx
xmlSAXHandler handlers

Field Documentation

◆ ctx

xmpp_ctx_t * parser_t::ctx

◆ expat

XML_Parser parser_t::expat

◆ startcb

parser_start_callback parser_t::startcb

◆ endcb

parser_end_callback parser_t::endcb

◆ stanzacb

parser_stanza_callback parser_t::stanzacb

◆ userdata

void * parser_t::userdata

◆ depth

int parser_t::depth

◆ stanza

xmpp_stanza_t * parser_t::stanza

◆ inner_text

char* parser_t::inner_text

◆ inner_text_size

int parser_t::inner_text_size

◆ inner_text_used

int parser_t::inner_text_used

◆ xmlctx

xmlParserCtxtPtr parser_t::xmlctx

◆ handlers

xmlSAXHandler parser_t::handlers

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