Strophe 0.12
XMPP client library
Data Fields
xmpp_sm_state_t Struct Reference

#include <common.h>

Data Fields

xmpp_ctx_t * ctx
int sm_support
int sm_enabled
int can_resume
int resume
int dont_request_resume
uint32_t sm_handled_nr
uint32_t sm_sent_nr
xmpp_queue_t sm_queue
char * id
char * previd
char * bound_jid
xmpp_stanza_t * bind

Field Documentation

◆ ctx

xmpp_ctx_t* xmpp_sm_state_t::ctx

◆ sm_support

int xmpp_sm_state_t::sm_support

◆ sm_enabled

int xmpp_sm_state_t::sm_enabled

◆ can_resume

int xmpp_sm_state_t::can_resume

◆ resume

int xmpp_sm_state_t::resume

◆ dont_request_resume

int xmpp_sm_state_t::dont_request_resume

◆ sm_handled_nr

uint32_t xmpp_sm_state_t::sm_handled_nr

◆ sm_sent_nr

uint32_t xmpp_sm_state_t::sm_sent_nr

◆ sm_queue

xmpp_queue_t xmpp_sm_state_t::sm_queue

◆ id

char* xmpp_sm_state_t::id

◆ previd

char * xmpp_sm_state_t::previd

◆ bound_jid

char * xmpp_sm_state_t::bound_jid

◆ bind

xmpp_stanza_t* xmpp_sm_state_t::bind

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