Strophe 0.12
XMPP client library
sock.c File Reference

Socket abstraction. More...


void sock_initialize (void)
void sock_shutdown (void)
int sock_error (void)
static int _in_progress (int error)
sock_t sock_connect (xmpp_conn_t *conn, const char *host, unsigned short port)
int sock_set_keepalive (sock_t sock, int timeout, int interval, int count, unsigned int user_timeout)
int xmpp_sockopt_cb_keepalive (xmpp_conn_t *conn, void *socket)
 Example sockopt callback function An example function that can be used to set reasonable default keepalive options on sockets when registered for a connection with xmpp_conn_set_sockopt_callback() More...
int sock_close (sock_t sock)
static int _sock_set_blocking_mode (sock_t sock, int blocking)
int sock_set_blocking (sock_t sock)
int sock_set_nonblocking (sock_t sock)
int sock_read (sock_t sock, void *buff, size_t len)
int sock_write (sock_t sock, const void *buff, size_t len)
int sock_is_recoverable (int error)
int sock_connect_error (sock_t sock)

Detailed Description

Socket abstraction.

Function Documentation

◆ sock_initialize()

void sock_initialize ( void  )

◆ sock_shutdown()

void sock_shutdown ( void  )

◆ sock_error()

int sock_error ( void  )

◆ _in_progress()

static int _in_progress ( int  error)

◆ sock_connect()

sock_t sock_connect ( xmpp_conn_t *  conn,
const char *  host,
unsigned short  port 

◆ sock_set_keepalive()

int sock_set_keepalive ( sock_t  sock,
int  timeout,
int  interval,
int  count,
unsigned int  user_timeout 

◆ sock_close()

int sock_close ( sock_t  sock)

◆ _sock_set_blocking_mode()

static int _sock_set_blocking_mode ( sock_t  sock,
int  blocking 

◆ sock_set_blocking()

int sock_set_blocking ( sock_t  sock)

◆ sock_set_nonblocking()

int sock_set_nonblocking ( sock_t  sock)

◆ sock_read()

int sock_read ( sock_t  sock,
void *  buff,
size_t  len 

◆ sock_write()

int sock_write ( sock_t  sock,
const void *  buff,
size_t  len 

◆ sock_is_recoverable()

int sock_is_recoverable ( int  error)

◆ sock_connect_error()

int sock_connect_error ( sock_t  sock)