Strophe 0.12
XMPP client library
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event.c File Reference

Event loop and management. More...


#define _sleep(x)   usleep((x)*1000)
 Max buffer size for receiving messages. More...


void xmpp_run_once (xmpp_ctx_t *ctx, unsigned long timeout)
 Run the event loop once. More...
void xmpp_run (xmpp_ctx_t *ctx)
 Start the event loop. More...
void xmpp_stop (xmpp_ctx_t *ctx)
 Stop the event loop. More...
void xmpp_ctx_set_timeout (xmpp_ctx_t *ctx, unsigned long timeout)
 Set the timeout to use when calling xmpp_run(). More...

Detailed Description

Event loop and management.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ _sleep

#define _sleep (   x)    usleep((x)*1000)



Max buffer size for receiving messages.