Strophe 0.11
XMPP client library
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parser.h File Reference

Internally used functions and structures. More...


typedef void(* parser_start_callback) (char *name, char **attrs, void *userdata)
typedef void(* parser_end_callback) (char *name, void *userdata)
typedef void(* parser_stanza_callback) (xmpp_stanza_t *stanza, void *userdata)


parser_t * parser_new (xmpp_ctx_t *ctx, parser_start_callback startcb, parser_end_callback endcb, parser_stanza_callback stanzacb, void *userdata)
void parser_free (parser_t *parser)
char * parser_attr_name (xmpp_ctx_t *ctx, char *nsname)
int parser_reset (parser_t *parser)
int parser_feed (parser_t *parser, char *chunk, int len)

Detailed Description

Internally used functions and structures.

Typedef Documentation

◆ parser_start_callback

typedef void(* parser_start_callback) (char *name, char **attrs, void *userdata)

◆ parser_end_callback

typedef void(* parser_end_callback) (char *name, void *userdata)

◆ parser_stanza_callback

typedef void(* parser_stanza_callback) (xmpp_stanza_t *stanza, void *userdata)

Function Documentation

◆ parser_new()

parser_t * parser_new ( xmpp_ctx_t *  ctx,
parser_start_callback  startcb,
parser_end_callback  endcb,
parser_stanza_callback  stanzacb,
void *  userdata 

◆ parser_free()

void parser_free ( parser_t *  parser)

◆ parser_attr_name()

char * parser_attr_name ( xmpp_ctx_t *  ctx,
char *  nsname 

◆ parser_reset()

int parser_reset ( parser_t *  parser)

◆ parser_feed()

int parser_feed ( parser_t *  parser,
char *  chunk,
int  len