Strophe  0.10
XMPP client library
Data Fields
ENTITY Struct Reference

Data Fields

const XML_Charname
const XML_ChartextPtr
int textLen
int processed
const XML_CharsystemId
const XML_Charbase
const XML_CharpublicId
const XML_Charnotation
XML_Bool open
XML_Bool is_param
XML_Bool is_internal

Field Documentation

◆ name

const XML_Char* ENTITY::name

◆ textPtr

const XML_Char* ENTITY::textPtr

◆ textLen

int ENTITY::textLen

◆ processed

int ENTITY::processed

◆ systemId

const XML_Char* ENTITY::systemId

◆ base

const XML_Char* ENTITY::base

◆ publicId

const XML_Char* ENTITY::publicId

◆ notation

const XML_Char* ENTITY::notation

◆ open

XML_Bool ENTITY::open

◆ is_param

XML_Bool ENTITY::is_param

◆ is_internal

XML_Bool ENTITY::is_internal

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