Strophe  0.10
XMPP client library
Data Fields
xmpp_conn_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned int ref
xmpp_ctx_t * ctx
xmpp_conn_type_t type
int is_raw
xmpp_conn_state_t state
uint64_t timeout_stamp
int error
sock_t sock
int ka_timeout
int ka_interval
tls_t * tls
int tls_support
int tls_disabled
int tls_mandatory
int tls_legacy_ssl
int tls_trust
int tls_failed
int sasl_support
int auth_legacy_enabled
int secured
int bind_required
int session_required
char * lang
char * domain
char * jid
char * pass
char * bound_jid
char * stream_id
int blocking_send
int send_queue_max
int send_queue_len
xmpp_send_queue_t * send_queue_head
xmpp_send_queue_t * send_queue_tail
int reset_parser
parser_t * parser
unsigned int connect_timeout
xmpp_open_handler open_handler
int authenticated
xmpp_conn_handler conn_handler
void * userdata
xmpp_handlist_t * timed_handlers
hash_t * id_handlers
xmpp_handlist_t * handlers

Field Documentation

◆ ref

unsigned int xmpp_conn_t::ref

◆ ctx

xmpp_ctx_t* xmpp_conn_t::ctx

◆ type

xmpp_conn_type_t xmpp_conn_t::type

◆ is_raw

int xmpp_conn_t::is_raw

◆ state

xmpp_conn_state_t xmpp_conn_t::state

◆ timeout_stamp

uint64_t xmpp_conn_t::timeout_stamp

◆ error

int xmpp_conn_t::error

◆ stream_error

xmpp_stream_error_t* xmpp_conn_t::stream_error

◆ sock

sock_t xmpp_conn_t::sock

◆ ka_timeout

int xmpp_conn_t::ka_timeout

◆ ka_interval

int xmpp_conn_t::ka_interval

◆ tls

tls_t* xmpp_conn_t::tls

◆ tls_support

int xmpp_conn_t::tls_support

◆ tls_disabled

int xmpp_conn_t::tls_disabled

◆ tls_mandatory

int xmpp_conn_t::tls_mandatory

◆ tls_legacy_ssl

int xmpp_conn_t::tls_legacy_ssl

◆ tls_trust

int xmpp_conn_t::tls_trust

◆ tls_failed

int xmpp_conn_t::tls_failed

◆ sasl_support

int xmpp_conn_t::sasl_support

◆ auth_legacy_enabled

int xmpp_conn_t::auth_legacy_enabled

◆ secured

int xmpp_conn_t::secured

◆ bind_required

int xmpp_conn_t::bind_required

◆ session_required

int xmpp_conn_t::session_required

◆ lang

char* xmpp_conn_t::lang

◆ domain

char* xmpp_conn_t::domain

◆ jid

char* xmpp_conn_t::jid

◆ pass

char* xmpp_conn_t::pass

◆ bound_jid

char* xmpp_conn_t::bound_jid

◆ stream_id

char* xmpp_conn_t::stream_id

◆ blocking_send

int xmpp_conn_t::blocking_send

◆ send_queue_max

int xmpp_conn_t::send_queue_max

◆ send_queue_len

int xmpp_conn_t::send_queue_len

◆ send_queue_head

xmpp_send_queue_t* xmpp_conn_t::send_queue_head

◆ send_queue_tail

xmpp_send_queue_t* xmpp_conn_t::send_queue_tail

◆ reset_parser

int xmpp_conn_t::reset_parser

◆ parser

parser_t* xmpp_conn_t::parser

◆ connect_timeout

unsigned int xmpp_conn_t::connect_timeout

◆ open_handler

xmpp_open_handler xmpp_conn_t::open_handler

◆ authenticated

int xmpp_conn_t::authenticated

◆ conn_handler

xmpp_conn_handler xmpp_conn_t::conn_handler

◆ userdata

void* xmpp_conn_t::userdata

◆ timed_handlers

xmpp_handlist_t* xmpp_conn_t::timed_handlers

◆ id_handlers

hash_t* xmpp_conn_t::id_handlers

◆ handlers

xmpp_handlist_t* xmpp_conn_t::handlers

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