Strophe  0.10
XMPP client library
Data Fields
tls_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

xmpp_ctx_t * ctx
sock_t sock
gnutls_session_t session
gnutls_certificate_credentials_t cred
int lasterror
SSL_CTX * ssl_ctx
SSL * ssl
xmpp_conn_t * conn
HANDLE hsec32
SecurityFunctionTable * sft
CredHandle hcred
SecPkgInfo * spi
int init
CtxtHandle hctxt
SecPkgContext_StreamSizes spcss
unsigned char * recvbuffer
unsigned int recvbuffermaxlen
unsigned int recvbufferpos
unsigned char * readybuffer
unsigned int readybufferpos
unsigned int readybufferlen
unsigned char * sendbuffer
unsigned int sendbuffermaxlen
unsigned int sendbufferlen
unsigned int sendbufferpos

Field Documentation

◆ ctx

xmpp_ctx_t * tls_t::ctx

◆ sock

sock_t tls_t::sock

◆ session

gnutls_session_t tls_t::session

◆ cred

gnutls_certificate_credentials_t tls_t::cred

◆ lasterror [1/2]

int tls_t::lasterror

◆ ssl_ctx

SSL_CTX* tls_t::ssl_ctx

◆ ssl

SSL* tls_t::ssl

◆ conn

xmpp_conn_t* tls_t::conn

◆ hsec32

HANDLE tls_t::hsec32

◆ sft

SecurityFunctionTable* tls_t::sft

◆ hcred

CredHandle tls_t::hcred

◆ spi

SecPkgInfo* tls_t::spi

◆ init

int tls_t::init

◆ hctxt

CtxtHandle tls_t::hctxt

◆ spcss

SecPkgContext_StreamSizes tls_t::spcss

◆ recvbuffer

unsigned char* tls_t::recvbuffer

◆ recvbuffermaxlen

unsigned int tls_t::recvbuffermaxlen

◆ recvbufferpos

unsigned int tls_t::recvbufferpos

◆ readybuffer

unsigned char* tls_t::readybuffer

◆ readybufferpos

unsigned int tls_t::readybufferpos

◆ readybufferlen

unsigned int tls_t::readybufferlen

◆ sendbuffer

unsigned char* tls_t::sendbuffer

◆ sendbuffermaxlen

unsigned int tls_t::sendbuffermaxlen

◆ sendbufferlen

unsigned int tls_t::sendbufferlen

◆ sendbufferpos

unsigned int tls_t::sendbufferpos

◆ lasterror [2/2]

SECURITY_STATUS tls_t::lasterror

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