Strophe.js is an XMPP library for JavaScript. Its primary purpose is to enable web-based, real-time XMPP applications that run in any browser.

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Official releases

The latest release is 3.0.0.

Latest Development Code

Note that the following archives aren’t not prepared for distribution. In order to create strophe.js and other derived files, you must first run make.

Documentation & Tutorials

The following tutorials may help you get started:

The official API documentation can be found below:

Strophe.js API Documentation

The book Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery is also available which covers building XMPP-powered web applications with Strophe.js. The example applications include a chat client, a service browser, a group chat client, a shared whiteboard, a collaborative document editor, and a real-time game.


Strophe.js is available under the MIT license.

Author & History

Strophe.js was originally created by Jack Moffitt. It was originally developed for Chesspark, an online chess community based on XMPP technology. It has been cared for and improved over the years and is currently maintained by many people in the community.