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 $build, Strophe.SASLMechanism
 $iq, Strophe.SASLMechanism
 $msg, Strophe.SASLMechanism
 $pres, Strophe.SASLMechanism
 addConnectionPlugin, Strophe
 addHandler, Strophe.Connection
 addNamespace, Strophe
 addProtocolErrorHandler, Strophe.Connection
 addTimedHandler, Strophe.Connection
 attach, Strophe.Connection
 ATTACHED, Strophe.Status
 attrs, Strophe.Builder
 AUTH, Strophe.NS
 authcid, Strophe.Connection
 authenticate, Strophe.Connection
 AUTHFAIL, Strophe.Status
 authzid, Strophe.Connection
 bind, Strophe.Connection
 BIND, Strophe.NS
 BOSH, Strophe.NS
 Builder, Strophe.Builder.Strophe
 c, Strophe.Builder
 CLIENT, Strophe.NS
 cnode, Strophe.Builder
 connect, Strophe.Connection
 CONNECTED, Strophe.Status
 CONNECTING, Strophe.Status
 Connection, Strophe.Connection.Strophe
 Connection Status Constants, Strophe
 CONNFAIL, Strophe.Status
 CONNTIMEOUT, Strophe.Status
 copyElement, Strophe
 createHtml, Strophe
 debug, Strophe
 DEBUG, Strophe.LogLevel
 deleteHandler, Strophe.Connection
 deleteTimedHandler, Strophe.Connection
 disconnect, Strophe.Connection
 DISCONNECTED, Strophe.Status
 DISCONNECTING, Strophe.Status
 error, Strophe
 escapeNode, Strophe
 fatal, Strophe
 FATAL, Strophe.LogLevel
 flush, Strophe.Connection
 forEachChild, Strophe
 getBareJidFromJid, Strophe
 getDomainFromJid, Strophe
 getNodeFromJid, Strophe
 getResourceFromJid, Strophe
 getText, Strophe
 getUniqueId, Strophe.Connection
 h, Strophe.Builder
 info, Strophe
 INFO, Strophe.LogLevel
 isTagEqual, Strophe
 log, Strophe
 Log Level Constants, Strophe
 MUC, Strophe.NS
 nextValidRid, Strophe.Connection
 pass, Strophe.Connection
 pause, Strophe.Connection
 priority, Strophe.SASLMechanism
 PROFILE, Strophe.NS
 rawInput, Strophe.Connection
 rawOutput, Strophe.Connection
 REDIRECT, Strophe.Status
 registerSASLMechanism, Strophe.Connection
 registerSASLMechanisms, Strophe.Connection
 reset, Strophe.Connection
 restore, Strophe.Connection
 resume, Strophe.Connection
 root, Strophe.Builder
 ROSTER, Strophe.NS
function $build(name,
Create a Strophe.Builder.
function $iq(attrs)
Create a Strophe.Builder with an iq/ element as the root.
function $msg(attrs)
Create a Strophe.Builder with a message/ element as the root.
function $pres(attrs)
Create a Strophe.Builder with a presence/ element as the root.
addConnectionPlugin: function addConnectionPlugin(name,
Extends the Strophe.Connection object with the given plugin.
Add a stanza handler for the connection.
addNamespace: function addNamespace(name,
This function is used to extend the current namespaces in Strophe.NS.
Register a handler function for when a protocol (websocker or HTTP) error occurs.
Add a timed handler to the connection.
Attach to an already created and authenticated BOSH session.
The connection has been attached
Add or modify attributes of the current element.
Legacy authentication namespace.
Authentication identity (User name).
Set up authentication
The connection is authenticating
The authentication attempt failed
Authorization identity.
Sends an IQ to the XMPP server to bind a JID resource for this session.
XMPP Binding namespace from RFC 3920 and RFC 6120.
BOSH namespace from XEP 206.
A JavaScript library to enable BOSH in Strophejs.
Strophe.Builder = /*#__PURE__*/function ()
Create a Strophe.Builder object.
Add a child to the current element and make it the new current element.
Main XMPP client namespace.
Add a child to the current element and make it the new current element.
Starts the connection process.
The connection has succeeded
The connection is currently being made
Strophe.Connection = /*#__PURE__*/function ()
Create and initialize a Strophe.Connection object.
Connection status constants for use by the connection handler callback.
The connection attempt failed
The connection has timed out
copyElement: function copyElement(elem)
Copy an XML DOM element.
createHtml: function createHtml(elem)
Copy an HTML DOM element into an XML DOM.
debug: function debug(msg)
Log a message at the Strophe.LogLevel.DEBUG level.
Debug output
Delete a stanza handler for a connection.
Delete a timed handler for a connection.
Service discovery info namespace from XEP 30.
Service discovery items namespace from XEP 30.
Start the graceful disconnection process.
The connection has been terminated
The connection is currently being terminated
error: function error(msg)
Log a message at the Strophe.LogLevel.ERROR level.
An error has occurred
escapeNode: function escapeNode(node)
Escape the node part (also called local part) of a JID.
fatal: function fatal(msg)
Log a message at the Strophe.LogLevel.FATAL level.
Fatal errors
Immediately send any pending outgoing data.
forEachChild: function forEachChild(elem,
Map a function over some or all child elements of a given element.
getBareJidFromJid: function getBareJidFromJid(jid)
Get the bare JID from a JID String.
getDomainFromJid: function getDomainFromJid(jid)
Get the domain portion of a JID String.
getNodeFromJid: function getNodeFromJid(jid)
Get the node portion of a JID String.
getResourceFromJid: function getResourceFromJid(jid)
Get the resource portion of a JID String.
getText: function getText(elem)
Get the concatenation of all text children of an element.
Generate a unique ID for use in iq/ elements.
Replace current element contents with the HTML passed in.
HTTP BIND namespace from XEP 124.
info: function info(msg)
Log a message at the Strophe.LogLevel.INFO level.
Informational output
isTagEqual: function isTagEqual(el,
Compare an element’s tag name with a string.
log: function log(level,
User overrideable logging function.
Logging level indicators.
Multi-User Chat namespace from XEP 45.
User overrideable function that receives the new valid rid.
Authentication identity (User password).
Pause the request manager.
Determines which SASLMechanism is chosen for authentication (Higher is better).
Profile namespace.
User overrideable function that receives raw data coming into the connection.
User overrideable function that receives raw data sent to the connection.
The connection has been redirected
Register a single SASL mechanism, to be supported by this client.
Register the SASL mechanisms which will be supported by this instance of Strophe.Connection (i.e.
Reset the connection.
Attempt to restore a cached BOSH session.
Resume the request manager.
Make the root element the new current element.
Roster operations namespace.