Strophe  0.8
XMPP client library
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
auth.cAuthentication function and handlers
common.hInternally used functions and structures
conn.cConnection management
ctx.cRuntime contexts, library initialization and shutdown, and versioning
event.cEvent loop and management
handler.cEvent handler management
hash.cHash tables
hash.hHash table API
jid.cJID creation and parsing
md5.cMD5 hash
md5.hMD5 hash API
ostypes.hType definitions for platforms without stdint.h
parser.hInternally used functions and structures
parser_expat.cXML parser handlers
parser_libxml2.cXML parser handlers
sasl.cSASL authentication
sasl.hSASL authentication helpers
sha1.cSHA-1 hash
sha1.hSHA-1 hash API
snprintf.cA snprintf implementation
sock.cSocket abstraction
sock.hSocket abstraction API
stanza.cStanza creation and manipulation
strophe.hStrophe public C API definitions
strophepp.hStrophe public C++ API definitions
thread.cThread absraction
thread.hThreading abstraction API
tls.hTLS abstraction API
tls_dummy.cTLS dummy implementation
tls_gnutls.cTLS implementation with GNUTLS
tls_openssl.cTLS implementation with OpenSSL
tls_schannel.cTLS implementation with Win32 SChannel
util.cUtility functions
util.hInternally used utility functions